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Margot Tohn |

May 18, 2020

Kevin was great. He called me back immediately and put in the electric fence as soon as the ground was dry enough. He called me back whenever I had a question and was great with Murray, who is still a puppy and can be a handful.

Chris Daley |

May 9, 2018

Kevin was very helpful and easy to deal with. Fair price for nice work.

Rachel Amy |

September 18, 2017

Kevin was so professional and wonderful to work with. The Dog Guard invisible fence has been the best investment, and Kevin has been wonderful following up with me making sure it's working as expected.

Diana Michaelson |

July 22, 2017

Kevin was patient, knowledgeable and wonderful with both people and our extremely excitable dogs. We had about 1 acre fenced three weeks ago and our dogs are already trained to the fence and are loving their new freedom. We have friendly neighbor chickens that would drive our pups crazy, we were so nervous that they would blow the fence and take off after the chickens. The fence passed the chicken test with flying colors. We couldn't be happier with Kevin and our Dog Guard fence! We would recommend Kevin and Dog Guard to anyone.

Ellen Manor |

August 27, 2015

I called Kevin to request a new collar and he was at my home with the new collar the very next day. Once he arrived, we realized that for some reason, our pet was still passing through the boundaries. Kevin stayed for over an hour until the problem was resolved. He could have dropped the collar off and recommended we call a technician to figure out the issue. Kevin chose to stay and fix the problem himself at no extra charge. I would recommend Kevin for your pet fence needs. He is very friendly and caring, and he was just as concerned about our dog staying safe as we were!

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